Browser's Magic Bash - 12 Hours of Fun


Saturday April 1st, 2017


MonteCassino Hotel & Event Venue




10+ Professional Magicians

Browser's Magic Bash 2017 / a full day of magic goodness

See Magic. Learn Magic. Show Magic. Love Magic!

Watch 2016 video

For the past two years we've witnessed jam-packed days of magic filled with a plethora of amazing talent, good food, and wonderful experiences that you cannot find elsewhere.

Well, we're doing it for a third time on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. NO JOKE!

Card guys, mentalists, stand-up magicians, children's entertainers, jam sessions, close-up, stage performers, great stuff for sale, and everything in-between! If you love magic, the Browser's Magic Bash 2017 is designed for you!.

Our venue seating is limited, so act now and RESERVE YOUR SPOT right away.

Jeff Pinsky says, "What better day to have a magic get-together than on April Fool's Day? It's almost as if the day was built for us magicians! The 2017 Browser's Magic Bash will be the best Bash yet. NO JOKE!"


2017 Bash Talent / meet the artists

Michael Ammar

Michael Ammar

Everyone's Favourite Magician

The American close-up magician recognized worldwide as one of the greatest living magicians of our time. Ammar plans to help us become better magicians, and have fun while doing it!

Silly Billy AKA David Kaye

Silly Billy

Legendary Kids Magician

Known around the world as THE top children's performer of the century, Silly Billy plans to teach us how to see magic just like children again.

Eugene Burger


Foremost Philosopher of Magic

Considered as "one of the 100 most influential magicians of the 20th century" by MAGIC Magazine, Eugene Burger plans to share his highly regarded and clearly successful approach to magic.

Steven Kline

Steven Kline

Comedy Magic

With his crazy high-paced manner, Steven Kline will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Comedy Magic doesn't get any funnier!

Aaron Fisher

Aaron Fisher

Card Conductor

Specializing in card magic, Aaron Fisher travels the world sharing his original thoughts and energetic performances with other fellow magicians.

Mysterion & Steffi


The Sentimentalists

Torontonian mentalist Mysterion teams with Steffi Kay, Canada's only female mentalist, creating a two-person mind reading act that you'll find truly unforgettable.

Buck Macleod

Buck Macleod

Mechanical Maestro

Anyone who witnesses Macleod perform live can attest to his unique creativity and genuine showmanship. He promises to bring fascinating mechanical wonders for all to appreciate at the Bash.

Keith Brown

The Needle Eater

Even a close brush with death doesn't stop Keith Brown from swallowing sharp sewing needles. However, Brown has a serious reason why he risks his life for this crazy dangerous effect, and it's PERSONAL.

Adam Grace

Adam Grace

Renaissance Man

Adam Grace, a profesional magician, musician, actor, speaker, writer and producer, tours the world sharing his love for all performing arts. He plans to spend the entire day with us.

Atsushi Ono

Atsushi Ono

Kyoto Konjuror

Atsushi Ono-san's relaxed charm, sense of humor and creative approach to performing magic have made him a popular magician and entertainer in Japan as well as Western Canada.

Al Grose

Al Grose

Classic Magic

Al Grose loves sharing his magic as much as he loves performing it. A student of classical sleight of hand, his miracles only require his fingers!

Rosemary Reid

Rosemary Reid

Ms. Magic

From her humble beginnings at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp to becoming one of Canada's leading female magicians, Rosemary is going to answer the one question she's been asked most often throughout her career. Can you guess what it is?

Scott Hammell

Escape Artist

A four-time Guinness World Record holder, Scott Hammell escapes the shackles of every day life, and instills courage to those watching. Word on the street is that he's planning something special just for this Bash.

Morgan Pierce

Morgan Pierce

Mo' Better Magic

Morgan Pierce's 20-year magical career has spanned a full circle. Hack, move monkey, working magician, lecturer, hobbyist, and now back to hack. Receive your choice of which version of Mo' you prefer at your table.

Arthur Poon

Arthur Poon

The Cardician

With his specialty in cool card magic, "Len Cooper Memorial Award 2013" Recipient Arthur Poon is going to offer you an experience on a whole new level of East meets West.

Luiz Castro

Luiz Castro

Nimble Maninpulation

When the man with nimble fingers, Luiz Castro, stands on stage he transforms objects, makes them disappear, then reappear. You might say he enchants the ordinary.

Alex Boyer

Alex Boyer

The Power Of Magic

Alex Boyer is a performer who utilizes a wide variety of art styles in order to connect with people's emotions. For Alex, magic isn't something that can be explained, it's something you can feel.

Derick Fnn

Derick Finn

The Hidden Secret

Most don't realize, but Derick Finn has been performing sleight of hand for almost 50 years. Finn is truly one of Ontario's hidden secrets, and he's ready to demonstrate and share his brand of magic with Bash attendees.

Get Coop'ed / All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

In celebration of the Browser's Magic Bash, we're Coop'ing those who want to participate. It's all based on Len Cooper, the original owner of the Browser's Den of Magic.

Send us your photo, and we add the coke-bottle glasses, the colourful party favour, the Len Cooper schnoz, his classic receding hairline, those iconic eyebrows, and his bushy mustache on top of your unsuspecting photo. BAM! You're Coop'ed. It's that easy, and Len would have LOVED every bit of this!

Start by downloading the Coop'ing instructions, then send your pic and we will Coop you in honour of the 2017 Browser's Magic Bash!

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Look What We Did Together At Previous Bashes! / Great Times

Watch the 2016 Bash Video

Take the next two minutes to watch the 2016 Browser's Magic Bash video recap. Look at all the fantastic BASH fun we're having! Our videographer, Chris Mayhew, certainly captured us at our finest that day.

The Browser's Magic Bash raised over 300 kilo of food for those who need help in Toronto.

In 2016, we raised over 300 kilos of food!

During our Browser's Bash Food Drive, we raised over 300 kilos of food for Toronto's less fortunate. Jeff personally donated the food to Division 133 Firestation.

(Jeff pictured w/ the super cool dudes of Division 133)

See all the 2016 Bash Photos

Take a moment to look through over 400+ photos of the 2016 Browser's Magic Bash in the Bash Facebook gallery. Thanks to Michael Gillis for taking all these wonderful photos.

Testimonials / What People Are Saying About The Browser's Magic Bash

Browser's Bash / ticket pricing for any budget

All tickets include access to a full day of (in no particular order): professional lectures, a close-up show, a stage show, dealer's area, informative mini-sessions, stellar impromptu performances, delicious free lunch & dinner, games, prizes, & fun surprises.

Jeff Pinsky says, "Browser's Magic Bash price options vary based on the proximity of your seat to the stage. The sooner you buy a ticket, the closer to the front you'll be. And we promise that regardless of whichever seat you purchase - you will have a GREAT time!"

Register now / Be A Part Of The 2017 Bash Experience!

PLEASE NOTE: We are now officially sold out. Thank you for your support! If you have any questions about ticketing, please contact Jeff Pinsky at the Browser's Den Magic Shop.

Bash FAQS / find answers

Just like a great concert or a broadway show, the Browser's Magic Bash price options vary based on the proximity of your seat to the stage.

Please choose your desired section, and a ticket price that is comfortable for your budget.

Reserve your seat by simply clicking right here. Please fill out your name, email, phone, and which type of registration you'd like to purchase. From there, you'll automatically be taken to Paypal to finish the transaction. If you'd like to pay over the phone, please call Jeff at the Browser's Den Magic Shop (416) 783-7022 and pay by phone.

Free Lunch & Dinner

Professional Lectures

Close-up Show

Stage Show

Mini Sessions

Top-flight Talent

Impromptu Performances

Games & Prizes

Fun Surprises

Of course. Buy as many seats as you'd like. Just make sure to register each person, and tickets will be reserved for them.

Yes! Lunch & Dinner are free with your registration. You read that correctly! We have spared no expense to make sure you have a first-class experience at the Browser's Magic Bash. Our wonderful venue, the Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue, has graciously provided a special magic menu for our celebration.

Both meat & vegetarian options available. Water, coffee, tea and juice are provided, but any other drinks or food (off menu) are not included.

Of course. As a matter of fact, he's wearing one right now!

Bash Location

(Hotel & Event Venue)
3710 Chesswood Drive
Toronto, ON M3J 2P6
+1 (416) 630-8100

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